Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why Rainbow Pennies?

Welcome to my blog about my personal growth in 2014.  I choose the title Rainbow Pennies as a reminder of hope and thing will get better. 

Why do I see hope and things will get better in those words?  Because one day I was walking worrying about finances.  The car broke down and I was thinking how were we going to pay for it among other things.  I was feeling overwhelmed and trying to think of different solutions.  When I looked down and saw a penny on the ground. I felt a little a better and then I walked a few more feet and I looked up and what did I see, a very pale rainbow in the sky.

I saw these two things as signs that things would get better.  So when I decided to write a blog about my growth in personal development this year; I wanted to name it after that moment that meant so much to me and so that I will remember it during the hard, difficult times that will occur as I move forward to a better place in my life.

Will this be a positive blog?  Honestly I don't know.  I just want to write and keep tack of what 2014 will bring. Whatever that may be:  Positives or negatives.  Triumphs or frustrations.

How often will I write?  Again I don't know.  It all depends on what happens.  I just want this to be a fun record of what happens in my life during 2014. 

I am excited to see what 2014 will bring and 2014 will be a rocking year.


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